LED-U-UP LED Lighting System

Durable - Economical - Outstanding

The LED light panel is a Canadian product. In addition, these products are waterproof and unfailing. Because they are the thinnest on the market, they can adapt to nearly a hundred areas. Our panels are inexpensive to purchase and use.

LED-U-UP Products

Lighting, Signs, Road Signs, Maritime. Multiple sizes and colors.

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About LED-U-UP

LED-U-UP light panels can be used in more than 100 areas and applications.

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Light Pannels

LED-U-UP light panels are cast with polymer resin. Once the air is removed, this material is robust, making the panels completely waterproof. Therefore, they can withstand bad weather, atmospheric pressure and water.

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Recent projects

Many of our decorative models come with remote controls for multicoloured lighting in any form or size you want.

Swimming Pool - Lighting - 3
LED-U-UP Product
Lighting Boat -2
LED-U-UP Product
Led Lighting - 10
LED-U-UP Product